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Most entrepreneurial attorneys are protective of their innovations. At the Summit, they explain them. The Summit showcases the cutting-edge innovations of some of the best and brightest attorneys practicing today – legal entrepreneurs who overcame everyday issues and turned them into a competitive advantage. Our speakers will bring their incredible and inspirational stories, experiences, and anecdotes to THE SUMMIT.

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Dia Bondi

Topic: Ask Like an Auctioneer


How to ask for more and get it.

Learn to think like an auctioneer so you can Ask Like an Auctioneer and never leave money or opportunity on the table again, ever. When we ask, we aim low. We ask for what we think we can reasonably get because we’re afraid to risk demanding too much and end up with nothing at all. The result? We leave money and opportunity on the table. Combining 20 years of communications expertise and a passion for auctioneering—Dia Bondi’s Ask Like An Auctioneer is a bold and radical approach to helping you ask for more and get it.

In this session you will:

  • Open your eyes to the power and potential of asking big.
  • Learn the ONE idea that causes us to unknowingly leave money and opportunity on the table.
  • See how to use a selection of the nine ideas you can use to stop doing that-so you can make the kinds of asks that can change everything.

This session is for ambitious professionals who are serious about having an impact inside organizations or outside as an entrepreneur or freelancer. Learn to Ask Like an Auctioneer and you’ll never leave any money or opportunity on the table again.


Dia Bond is a Communications Catalyst for high-impact people. In her private coaching and programs, she works with professional C-level leaders, VC backed founders and ambitious professionals guiding helping them find their voice and lead with it. Her workshops and talks are hosted by corporations including Quartz, Salesforce, Google’s X.team, and Dropbox. In global sport, she helped Rio de Janeiro secure the 2016 Summer Olympics. After attending auctioneering school for fun, she translated the techniques she learned into a program that prepares ambitious professionals and especially women, to ask for more and leave nothing on the table, called Ask Like an Auctioneer. She’s been featured on CNBC Make It, Forbes and Fast Company. Her book, Ask Like an Auctioneer will be published in 2023. Listen to her podcast Lead With Who You Are.


Jake Thompson

Topic: Compete Every Day


Today’s ultra-competitive world requires a special mindset and skillset to create and maintain a leading edge. Discover how embracing a competitive, growth-oriented mindset will foster professional and personal development, not just for you, but for those you lead too.

In this powerful session, Jake will teach you how to make winning choices, consistently. You’ll leave with a game plan to create a competitive advantage for your company – and your life.

Dr. Valerie Young

Topic: Rethinking Imposter Syndrome™: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It?


Take the Quiz

  • Do you (or someone you know) chalk your success up to luck, timing, or computer error?
  • Do you believe “If I can do it, anybody can”?
  • Do you agonize over even the smallest flaws in your work?
  • Are you crushed by even constructive criticism, seeing it as evidence of your ineptness?
  • When you do succeed, do you think “fooled them again”?

If so, join the club!

Millions of people — CEOs and entry-level professionals, first year college students and PhDs, doctors and lawyers — secretly worry they’re not as smart or talented or qualified as other people “think” they are. It’s called the impostor syndrome. Left unchecked, it can lead to costly consequences not only for individuals but for their organizations as well.

Fortunately, there is a solution.

In this surprisingly upbeat session, you’ll discover what impostor syndrome is and whose most susceptible. As importantly, you’ll walk away with practical, immediately usable strategies to help yourself and/or the people you lead, manage, mentor, or parent.


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