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Most entrepreneurial attorneys are protective of their innovations. At the Summit, they explain them. The Summit showcases the cutting-edge innovations of some of the best and brightest attorneys practicing today – legal entrepreneurs who overcame everyday issues and turned them into a competitive advantage. Our speakers will bring their incredible and inspirational stories, experiences, and anecdotes to THE SUMMIT.

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Mike Michalowicz

Topic: How Great Leaders Create Unstoppable Teams


It’s never been harder building successful teams. With challenges of work-from-anywhere, flex-schedule and generational divides, business leaders bend over backwards searching for solutions that work. They’ve tried everything from food perks and ping pong tables to endless team-building exercises and training—but nothing sticks.
Mike Michalowicz reveals his proven formula to build an unstoppable team for any work environment:

  • Innovative and next generational ways to recruit the right talent
  • Transform struggling employees into superstars
  • Match individual abilities to client and company needs
  • Elevate your company to where every employee cares as much as an owner

You want a thriving team that shines and sticks around. One that takes full responsibility for their work and outcomes. A community of employees who love your organization and are invested in its growth. With All In you will discover how to build a team where everyone flourishes–including you.

About the Presenter

Mike Michalowicz was dubbed the “top candidate for Patron Saint of Entrepreneurs” by Simon Sinek. He helps small business owners make their businesses more profitable while growing faster through organic marketing, be more effective through systems and create better teams through leadership. Mike is an American business author, children’s author, entrepreneur, and speaker. He is the author of eight business books published by Penguin Random House, including All In which was released in January of 2024, and two Wall Street Journal Best Sellers. Mike’s book, Profit First has sold over a million copies and continues to reach bestselling lists – because being profitable never goes out of style. His books have been translated into 27 languages. He is also the former host of the “Business Rescue” segment for MSNBC’s Your Business, was previously the small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal and hosted the reality television program called Bailout!.

Mike learns through doing. He founded Olmec Systems in 1996 and sold the business in a private equity transaction in 2003. In 2003 he co-founded a computer forensic firm, which was a lead examiner in the Enron scandal. That company was acquired by Robert Half International in 2006. The transaction was valued at $270.million. Mike Michalowicz currently owns seven companies, including a small business investment accelerator called Prosper Group. Michalowicz is co-founder of six additional organizations with exclusive licensing rights to his work.

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